BBQ Chicken Sandwiches – Freezer Cooking February



This recipe couldn’t be easier and it is so versatile. I love keeping shredded chicken in my freezer for last minute meals. Shredded chicken can be turned into soft tacos, chicken salad, enchiladas and so many other things. I cook and freeze the chicken breasts plan, and add any sauces or seasonings later when they defrost.

To start the recipe, place 3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts in your crockpot with enough water to cover all of the chicken. I like to add some cumin and minced garlic so the chicken isn’t too bland, but it’s up to you. Cook on high for 3-4 hours, or on low for 7-8 hours. Discard the liquid, shred the chicken and freeze. I like to fill Ziploc freezer bags with about a pound of chicken each, so this would get my three easy meals.


The morning before you are ready to enjoy the chicken just place it in the fridge to defrost. Heat on low in a saucepan and add your favorite BBQ sauce, serve on a bun and you have the fastest dinner ever!

Game Day Buffalo Wings in the Crockpot


I am not a sports fan in the least, but I do enjoy snacking and socializing when a game is on. Buffalo wings are one of my favorite, but deep fried chicken is hardly a heathy choice. Instead of frying, this recipe uses the slow cooker to create a buffalo wing with plenty of flavor! If you want your wings crispy you can broil them for a minute once they are cooked and seasoned.

3 pound bag of frozen chicken wings

1 cup Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce

1 Tablespoon olive oil


Spray olive oil on the bottom of your slow cooker and place chicken wings in for 2 hours on high. Once wings are cooked, coat with Frank’s Red Hot sauce and cook for an additional 30-40 minutes in the slow cooker. Serve with blue cheese dressing and fresh cut vegetables.